San Jose, Costa Rica.


Gulf Stream Literary Magazine

The autumn issue of Gulf Stream is here!! Big thank you to all the talented writers who entrusted us with words, to James Kock for the beautiful cover photo and to fellow editors who worked hard to read stacks of submissions. This makes it all worthwhile. I’m very proud of this issue for many reasons. This was the hardest semester, we endured the loss of a dear friend and fellow poet, Chris Cannella to whom this issue is dedicated. We suffered the American tragedy of Trump, we mourned and drank too much, but we haven’t stopped writing. Now more than ever, we keep our faith in words.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti Quote

quote birds poetry

Working the art gallery, Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach 2013

mr somebody 2

Nina on the Miami River


Howler Monkey; Humming Bird; Stairs to the Top of a Volcano; Squirrel

Poetry without words, taken in Costa Rica by the Arenal Volcano.




The Sad Truth

seaside shadowsadtruth

Thank you to Fish Food Magazine for publishing this photo-poem. Check it out.

How to find poetry

drop letters down wishing

wells that could be sewer drains

or take them home

send them back to sea

or return them to rain.

each word an empty carriage

or street sign to some highland emotion

or basement sentiment.

hold them with empty palms

weave them into psalms.

a poem is a city pigeon secretly having singing lessons

that don’t amount to much

or debuts Opera seria at Carnegie Hall.

or remains camouflaged in winter clouds

or counter-clockwise flight.

poetry comes easy

when it decides to make it on time

or it know nothing of time

or it is timeless.

why should poems come easy?

it’s not like they make you

coffee each morning.

they are coffee-

they are each