A Poem My Mother Wrote For Me…

Thursday 2nd July 09

Freedom beckons as she takes flight, like a turtle dove on the velvet night.

The Bluebirds gone and flown her nest, with burning dreams that just won’t rest

Pure and true her heart is strong, but the river is deep and the road is long.

The stars don’t shine in this dark place, and the sun beats down and burns my face,

And yesterday seems far away, when we would laugh and cruise all day.

And the ocean was calling, clear and blue and we talked all day and our friendship grew.

Everyday the flame burns bright, from early in the morning till the dead of night.

Our babes are lent just passing through, sent forth like arrows through the blue.

And the roses bloom and life drifts by and the day turns to night

And the Jasmine sighs while the willows weep, and the moon climbs high.

And your Daddy calls to tell the tale, he says you’re good and all is well.

But wind sings me a different song, and I count the days since you’ve been gone.

Cos you’re my girl, my shinning light, your my only hope when things aren’t right.

And I feel your pain as you follow your star,

And I miss your smile and all that you are.


One Comment on “A Poem My Mother Wrote For Me…”

  1. Silvana Firetto says:

    A mothers love is so special. Darling Chloe you are so loved.
    The family xx

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