the next breath

The Next Breath

all those times i thought i died
the ocean stroked faithful the tide

babies born and hearts beat on
i cradled your ghost for so long

i looked to other men to sing your
kept running instead of still it hurts
to see
i fear the spirit alive in me

i didn’t want to be ok
for fear the love would go away

i tumble through two arms untrue
i left with tears, with finger marks scared
black and blue

i lost myself to grief,
thinking in tears
I would find relief

time to face the mirror
let go
question marks like helium balloons
up to
the clouds

all that matters is that my heart
is still alive in my chest
my lungs rise to
the next breath


4 Comments on “the next breath”

  1. I enjoyed reading this poem…especially the last stanza. Excellent write.

    • ChloBird says:

      Thank you, it means a lot. Are you involved in spoken word? or know of any places to perform? Am a fan of your blog and your work…Still relatively new to wordpress, need to organize my pages as you’ve done…thanks for taking the time to read my work.

  2. Tina Firetto says:

    Excellent as always Chloe. Don’t ever give up or give in xxxxx

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