Working with Artist Lazaro Amaral

It’s a late Monday afternoon in february, at the Art Studio/Store and home of artist Lazaro Amaral in North Miami, Fl. I am sitting on his patio floor while he is inside cleaning fresh paint off his silkscreen. He made me a coffee, we shared a smoke and now I write and he works. He is preparing for the coming show at Calix Gustav Gallery in Miami’s Design District in a little over two weeks.

His work reflects his latin influence and the surrounding tropical climate. Always using multi-layered images, repeating prints, using my words to create a pattern combined with the power of image to convey a message or story. For me, he is a creative outlet, a muse and channel for my poetry, a constant source of inspiration as I witness this working artist in constant pursuit of new goals and dreams.

Today I am writing about his new installation, a piece inspired by the title of the art show, ‘Art Bitch’ and inspired by Sarah Palin. Rife with comedy and strong political over tones, he has constructed a rotating manikin with Sarah Palin as a ‘moving’ target printed on it with hanging puppets sporting President Obama before a backdrop of poetry, color and image.

Follow our progression here and here.



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