Art Bitch

This is very exciting for ‘ChloeBirdPoetry’.

I spent the day helping Lazaro Amarall assemble his art for the coming exhibit, Art Bitch. Aside from being his assistant I write for him. This coming show features my words across 9 storyboards. Is featured in the installation and wrote description of show overview and artistic visions.

This show is a celebration to the montage of elements that cover our world, revealed in layers and exploring the creative impact of letter and image.

Show debuts at the Calix Gustav Gallery, March 12th 2011

Below are two canvases Lazaro and I worked on last September 2010 and are hung at the Calix Gustav…

Ziggy Stardust

Star dusted

Ziggy eyed

And all the planets orbit you

Leave you candid

Hot liquid blue

Neon Asteroid Expand and blur with zero friction

Anchor the moon or be lost on Mars



If you can’t be just, be arbitrary.

Penetrate like a virgin with eyes bright as pinball machines

Crown golden copulations, shoot silent explosions milky ways spewed across the night

And all the while the symphony plays

And we fuck fuck fuck with hungry cocks and cunts



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