Fruity Poetry Art for Children

Using fruit as a muse… A little writing exercise for children to get them feeling fruity and inspired….

Fruit Exercise:

Poetry Part

Line 1: What do we have in common with fruit?

Skin? Flesh? Seeds like eyes?

Line 2: If you were a fruit what fruit would you be?

An Apple? Orange? Lemon? Grapes? Tomato?

What does your fruit smell like?

Line 3: Taste? Feel like?

Line 4: Look like if you have never seen it before?

Line 5: If you were the fruit, what would you have to say?

Example Poem:

Skin around the body

Apple fresh

Meadow sweet

Juicy and smooth

Edible ball

“Eve ate me”

Art Part

Sketch the shape of the chosen fruit and make a stencil out of it by cutting out the shape. The class at the South Florida Arts Center will teach students to stencil and print on Bristol Paper to create a fruit card. Inside the card reads a poem students have written in the first person as though they were their chosen fruit.

Example of Outcome: ‘Apple Fresh’ card.




Example Poem 2:

Flesh like mine when I’ve spent all day in the sun


Smells like soup

Red, ripe and soft

A big red circle wears a little green hat and hangs from long green arms

“Everyone thinks I’m a vegetable.


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