The Berry Patch People Project

BERRY PATCH PEOPLE PROJECT  was a creative project that I collaborated with Artist Lazaro Amaral to develop a series of children’s poems to be printed on blankets and pillows as a prototype product.

Berry Patch People Co. Is a small start up business, founded by two mothers with a common interest in promoting healthy eating to children. Through the South Florida Arts Center they sought out Artist and Printmaker, Lazaro Amaral to produce 100 prints of the Berry Patch People onto children’s pillows and blankets.

This was a monumental project for me to undertake. I had progressed from a first time printer, taking Lazaro’s Saturday morning class at the Arts Center to becoming his unofficial assistant.  I also saw this opportunity to utilize my Creative Writing Degree and develop story poems for the Berry Images.  This was really amazing as I had the opportunity to play with words, images of fruits and I have a heartfelt interest in promoting healthy organic foods to young children. Here a few of the story poems I wrote to compliment the images I was assisting Lazaro to print.


Kokai Coconut fell from a palm tree
He thought how are the others different from me
And then a thought cracked his hairy shell
And was able to see
Where there is no food or water
He can give life to thee
With milk from sun and sea


Scarlet the Strawberry
Wore her seed on her skin
Blushing berry and full of vitamins
Good in ice cream, short cake
Or all alone,
Scarlet is summer sweet
And always a simple treat


Tupi the Pineapple is a wild fruit
Always in hot pursuit
Everyone loves his juicy flesh,
Sunshine sweet and fresh
He fights the cold, the grey and flu
When eaten, he takes care of you.

For artist blog and pictures click here.


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