Our Summer Camp Vision:

To Creatively empower young minds using the oldest form of Press to create unique pieces of art. We  want to host an Exhibition, an interactive walk through of a working print room as a piece of art,  showcasing student art work from floor to ceiling. Students will share their sentiments on the  blackboard wall, paints and equipment assembled so parents and family members may experience the  artistic environment and join students in celebrating a ‘Welcome to our Art World’  Finale Exhibit. The little artesian students are between 5 and 12 years of age, passing through the print  room in four groups with no less than 3 and no more than 8 per class. Children with learning  disabilities are welcome and are both the most challenging  and rewarding to teach. Our first week focusses on Mono Printing. Mono printing translates  to ‘one of a kind’ as each print is unique. A piece of plexi glass also refered to as a  ‘tablet’ is painted. A piece of paper is then placed over it and is  aligned on the printing machine. Students turn the medieval looking  handle to roll the press and create a piece of art. Throughout the workshop key words such as, stencil, portfolio and other  technical terminologies are used frequently to  encourage students to feel and behave like ‘real’ artists.  Students keep all art work in a portfolio we aid in making  out of Newsprint paper. At the end of the two-week workshop we  show their work in a collaborative show celebrating their artistic endeavours.

Week 1 Profile Project

We move to the mono printing table where using rollers technically refered to as burnishers students  paint their tablet. First, we make four prints using the profile cut out of the head as the first  stencil to create a profile with a  colour backdrop, then the contrary. Using both parts of the cut out emphasizes how a stencil works,  students become familiar with the mono printing technique.

Students create mono prints with profile stencil to produce a little masterpiece.

Students use both parts of the stencil to create two different prints.

Images paint fresh after being pressed through the mono printing machine.

A Happy Camper shows off her Portrait Print.

 For all photos and camp details visit


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