We (Artist Lazaro Amaral and Myself, Assistant Art Teacher/Writer) strive to creatively liberate our young art 
students and educate them using the oldest form of print used to create art work, Mono Print. Dating back to 
1589, Holland this medieval machine requires you turn a large lever in a rotational motion which sends the steel 
roller rolling and pulls in the printing board that flattens the blanket covering the image to press the ink against 
a flat material and produce a unique print every time. Group One arrive at 9am and are with us for 45 minutes. We have to 
work fast and keep it simple, try to develop a rhythm to work by. It's day one and I had no idea of what to expect 
from the students ranging from 5 to 12 and considering I have no experience of working with children, 
(secretly find them quite intimidating). 

Slowly the students began to arrive...
The Print Room is the coldest. Two high print tables with clamps along the four 
sides of the tall white printing tops. Three 
huge metal mono printing machines split the room. Each machine up to 60 years old and crafted solid steel, each 
look the weight of a small Dinosaur
As you can imagine, our youngest students, aged five are wide-eyed, everything giant and new. The coy 
and rambunctious alike silenced in vastness of the print room's looming metal and wood. All ages hushed and eager.

A little artist cranks the giant print press

One by one, we watch as each familiarize with tools and process to create little masterpieces. 
As the days pass, so the rhythm is found. The characters defined and names learned.
I watch Lazaro, an established working artist, teaching up to our ears in paint 
using a revolutionary machine and essential sharing art history, keeping the medium alive 
and in the process producing extraordinary work.

A celebration of student artwork

Gallery Day!


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