Cracked Thumb

An English rose’s twist on the American classic Julep. The Cracked Thumb is one of my favourite concoctions of all time. Fun to make, refreshing and classically contemporary…I took this recipe from All Star Lanes cocktail bar in Holborn, London where I worked for a year during my ‘Landan Dayz’


2 ounces of Plymouth Gin

1/2 ounce of Elderflower presse

half a peeled lemon zest

8 mint leaves.


Take a small chilled tin

Add lemon zest, elderflower presse and mint leaves, gently muddle for a few seconds.

Take an ice-cube and crack it in hand with the back of a spoon, repeat process until tin is full.

The process on cracking the ice mimics the ice used in the classic julep dating back to 19th century America. The chipped ice dilutes the drink perfectly.

Add gin and stir in tin, bringing lemon and mint to the top of the tin and mixing the drink. Add mint and lemon garnish.


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