I Painted A Table

So I came home yesterday, looked around my tiny studio I call a home, and I thought to myself…I really need to do something with that table. So I took it outside, lit a cigarette and picked up a can of flammable spray paint. I sprayed the thing pink and added my words using a stencil I made years ago and happened to find lurking in the back of my closet before the muse struck. Of course I had to continue painting it and thought I may have ruined it. But I continued to add to it. I found another stencil of a bird I made months ago and spiced things up using block printing ink and a paintbrush. Completely ruined my paint brush which was old and cheap anyhow and painted myself happy.

Next goal is to look for old tables people have thrown away or want to throw away and start painting them…

I Painted A Table


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