ChloBirdPoetry Meets Lazaro Amaral Art to Present, ‘The Gift of the Moment’

A poet and a painter meet to create a body of work through different mediums via a shared view or concept. Artwork is bound to color, words to paper. Lets dive into both… a brief history 1st…

When ChloBirdPoetry walked into Lazaro Amaral’s print room at the South Florida Arts Center, it was as though the horizon spelled the limitless and she wanted to explore it. Chloe was eager to learn, to print her words, Lazaro was eager to teach his skills and did so with passion. Often Chloe in her willingness to learn would make mistakes in haste, turning Lazaro’s face red in frustration before breaking to a smile. Chloe knew this was a beginning, and she told Lazaro, ‘you’re going to know me for a long time’ he rolled his eyes to the heavens.

 Three years later, Chloe helps Lazaro in production for 2 shows, ‘Mafia Art’ and ‘Art Bitch’ in Miami’s Design District.For photos and more on the creative development click here.  Chloe is Lazaro’s production assistant, writer and editor. In turn, Lazaro teaches Chloe the art of Printmaking and Silkscreen. The duo will be collaborating for a new exhibit called ‘The Gift of the Moment.’

Stay tuned to see how Lazaro and Chloe develop their concept of “The Gift of the Moment”.


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