Preparing for the November window instelation with Lazaro Amaral Art

Lazaro Amaral Art & ChloBirdPoetry prepare for their next venture

The Arts Center South Florida, has allocated a window space for well-known artist Lazaro Amaral and his poetic apprentice, Chloe Firetto-Toomey aka Chlobirdpoetry. The Lincoln road window show debuts in November 2012 and they intend to let you see the birthing of their ideas and document the entire process.

 The Concept:

  ‘The Gift of the Present Moment”

 Artist/Poet Vision of Show…

The Arts Center display area has 7 windows. Each window will display a posters that reads seven ‘poetic insights’ on a backdrop of stenciled images.  We came up with this idea/concept while drinking coffee and smoking on Lazaro’s balcony overlooking the palm trees of Miami Beach.

Over the week that followed I came up with three samples of writing for Lazaro to choose one that will be the premise of our show. Below is a page I wrote including the seven insights.

The Poet sought out the Artist and asked, will you teach me how to print? And so he did, and they collaborated to present to you, The Gift of the Moment, 7 posters via 7 windows. Their message is familiar, the teachings unique to experience, and universal to all.

  1. You don’t need eyes to see, you need vision

  2. Life is a classroom, each pupil must learn a lesson

  3. All we have is NOW

  4. Leaves are falling prayer flags

  5. Love your craft

  6. Craft the art of being

  7. Handmade Art, heart-heard words, for your eyes.

Posters will be for sale after the show, to be sold in pairs, singular or, as a set. The display will take place September 26th to November 4th 2012 at The Arts Center South Florida, 924 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach.

  How to Produce our Vision.

Each of the seven phrases must be printed out and made into stencils. We have decided to use the classic stencil font for the text as it’s bold, easy to read, cut out and spray paint. I would have like to consider the typewriter font as it has a classic feel to it but once we print it the words might not be as eligible as when the stencil font is used.

Each phrase is going to need two panels or 7 by 4 feet long pieces of paper.

Panel 1 is going to be the backdrop for the words.

Panel 2 is going to be made into the word stencil.

Panel 1 will be spray painted white.

Panel 2 will be used to stencil the words onto panel 1.  We will do this in black to give a shadow effect to the words.

We will begin by printing out one phrase at a time onto a 4 by 4 inch space. Then, we will place it under a projector so that the words are magnified onto the 7 by 3 feet paper. Then, we trace with a pencil the outline of the words. Then, we shellac it to protect the paper, and with care, use an exacto knife to cut out the words and make stencil. We will keep the loose letter cut outs to possibly use again on the second backdrop panel.

We will then repeat this process until we have all the words in stencil.

How it all began…

A poet and a painter meet to create a body of work through different mediums via a shared view or concept. Artwork is bound to color, words to paper. Lets dive into both… a brief history 1st…

When ChloBirdPoetry walked into Lazaro Amaral’s print room at the South Florida Arts Center, it was as though the horizon spelled the limitless and she wanted to explore it. Chloe was eager to learn, to print her words, Lazaro was eager to teach his skills and did so with passion. Often Chloe in her willingness to learn would make mistakes in haste, turning Lazaro’s face red in frustration before breaking to a smile. Chloe knew this was a beginning, and she told Lazaro, ‘you’re going to know me for a long time’ he rolled his eyes to the heavens.

Three years later, Chloe helps Lazaro in production for 2 shows, ‘Mafia Art’ and ‘Art Bitch’ in Miami’s Design District, is a contributing editor to his website and blog and in turn, Lazaro teaches Chloe the art of Printmaking and Silkscreen.

Keep posted to see how Lazaro and Chloe develop their concept “The Gift of the Moment into an art show.


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