Point of Journey

Journey to the end of the street, down Main Highway

Back down Main Highway

To work on Art

To work at the Art Gallery

To work on writing

To work on printing

To work on that one piece that is almost done

Journey to the end of town


Work on Love

Work on dinner

Work on Zen

Journey to the strip mall

Work behind the bar

Serve food, pour beer & humor the needy

Work on multi tasking

Realize more needs

Journey to bed

Contemplate breath

Work to be in the gap

Work to leave work behind

Work to not scratch 20 mosquito bites

Work to be a calm

To be in stillness

To expand stillness

To not smoke a joint to attain stillness

To not smoke a joint?


The headline question is, Why?

If mind makes matter, replace why with is?

Look at what you have created, at work on your journey to be!

Talk to self through paper to converse with one’s own mystery, which is

The mind and birth of thought as we

Work through the days

Stampede to the next birthday just so you can exhale

Remember the exhale as you accelerate

The sweet release you give to self when palms open

And when palms open to extend fingers

This is the stuff magic is made of –

Watch it disappear when you are not looking.

As matter turns to frequency

The revelation?

None of that shit matters.


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