The Jazz Musician

jazz guy blackjazz words black white manjazz guy

The Jazz Musician. A Starless eve, frostbites and the City’s debris has wielded to the sparkling black sea. A blanket of snow sends the lonesome to Peace. The hands of Winter have locked away the Sun and like all wanting Souls, we go in search of another Light. Where the air weaves intricate Blue interact with wide mouths glasses rim empty and full. There, in the corner he plays, notes dance and define the Space between the Rise and Fall. I watch his fingers twinkle as they feed upon the Flugelhorn. I watch his Energy diffuse and deliver Internal Silence with his Song. He is the Nights’ Midheaven and unaware of the Light that he sheds, beyond the shadow of stars. Although, he once heard the Sunrise Round Midnight and melted the hoar from every hill.

(Chloe Firetto-Toomey 2000 – inspired by and dedicated to my father)


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