Egg timer in the walls

I love

our mice infested studio,

and our overfilled ashtrays,

and the smell of roasting pumpkin.

I love

your musk on the sheets

and your big flat feet.

I love

our love

and backgammon games at 5am, midnight feasts, love in the dark, body warm sheets that we make dirty, premature mornings and our cardboard curtain.

I miss everything although,          I  am  in  it.

The egg timer echoes through these walls.

I must go and risk or

stay and regret or

go and regret or

stay and risk regret.

I love you

and our broken doorbell

but I hear the sea horn and must set sail.

but you make it tricky, tender my love.


One Comment on “Egg timer in the walls”

  1. […] with drugs and exploring limits and blissful in my relationship yet there was an ‘Egg Timer’ in the walls. By egg timer I mean… have ever been really happy but felt that it won’t […]

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