Write your name in the dark…

Write your name in the dark...

An old poem on scrap print paper, I saved it from the rubbish and put it through the typewriter then mounted it onto the tile (5 by 7 inches.) Quite pleased with myself.

I thought I might explain a bit about how this poem came about, or at least the title.

I was at a swanky little pool bar on Miami Beach, some may know it as the Delano. You feel like you’re walking into a set of Alice in Wonderland, ridiculously high ceilings and chairs that have chair backs that stretch to almost the same height. Abstract furniture and an entire wall of mounted little lamps confirm that you are Alice in Wonderland enjoying multiple cocktails. I found myself in the garden among the life-sized chess set, talking to some musicians from NYC. I don’t remember any other details about the people other than swapping numbers with one. I don’t know why we didn’t swap numbers using our cell phones but I like to think it’s because we were all the artsy types who always have a paper and pen handy for when we get ‘inspired’ but it’s highly likely that my shitty phone probably died.  It was hard to see anything, only a few fairy lights and the drizzled light coming in through the trees from the main bar area. “Write your name in the dark” I blurted. One of the guys looked up and said, “Hey man, that’s a good line. You should use it in your poetry or something”


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