Fat Cat Diary


This is an Ode to Frankie. Frankie found me sitting on the bench outside the kitchen window. He would pop out of the bushes, meowing and flirting as cats do. This began to happen often and I started feeding him sandwich meats and tins of tuna, whatever I could find. Mother told me, ‘there’s no way THAT CAT can come in’ reminding me of shedding fur and fleas and allergies. It wasn’t until I left home that mum had a bit of the ’empty nest’ syndrome. One stormy night, a very wet and bedraggled looking Frankie pressed his face against the window, bellowing to come in, ears flat against the wind and rain. Mum opened the door and dried him off with a towel. He is now a permanent resident, with his own cat-flap galore.  It’s interesting how cats turn up when you need them, whether you know it or not. They are always a welcome addition to the house, even if they weren’t planned, I bet the cat chose you long before you thought to open the door.



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