Rambutan is a virgin face


– Ludwig Wittgenstein

rambutan faceless

After reading Wittgenstein’s, tractatus logico-philosophicus, I decided to look at the world of fruit, vegetables and nuts through Wittgenstein’s eyes and this series is what I came up with!


Rambutan gives lesson in ‘Reality’

The sum total of the world is reality

– Ludwig Wittgenstein

rabutan secret of life

Assimilate to Cabbage

In a state of affairs objects fit into one another like the links of a chain – Ludwig Wittgenstein cabbage

Captive cabbage from a dream

It is the eye but the soul that sees – Sir Francis Younghusband savoy cabbage

This photo was taken in 2003 by my college room-mate’s mother who was photographing fruits and vegetables for the Oxford Art Show. When she got word that I was writing my Creative Writing dissertation on fruit, nut and vegetable poetics she enthusiastically offered her images – this one was actually featured in the Oxford Art Show back in ’03’ Oxford, England. This was my first ‘word art’ recognition!

Follow Star fruit – geometric fires grow in trees…

All objects are a myriad of layers – you can see it in their symbols

star fruit

Lemon Lemonacci

Objects contain the possibility of all situations….


Lunar allure/Melon eclipse



A state of affairs is thinkable; what this means is that we can picture it to ourselves

honey dew melon