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Tell them how we loved all that was beautiful

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“We learn early in life that it is painful to love. Caring about anything is a great joy, but it makes us vulnerable to heartache, and our emotions are nearer the surface. Our feelings are mixed because we want to shout to the world that we love and it makes us feel wonderful. It makes us feel superior, able to cope with things that once got us down. Some part of us wants to hide what we feel so as not to shine too bright or be too enthusiastic. We need a little reserve of self so that we don’t deplete the part of us that generates life in us. But for whatever pain that may go along with caring – we would not give it up for anything.” – ‘American Indian’

‘Life is a dream and poetry dreams it’ Lawrence Ferlinghetti


Catch instants, every second a heartbeat. -Lawrence Ferlinghetti

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“Don’t let them tell you Poetry is for the birds.”

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