“Does Anyone Know Where to Begin?” in SWWIM

“There’s a Supermassive Black Hole at The Center of Every Galaxy” @

“The Night Stretches its Limbs” in Print-Oriented Bastards

Love and Excavation” in Sundog

Klimt” in Sliver of Stone

Atlas” in Bird’s Thumb

“Her First Day of Secondary School” in The Grief Diaries.

“Cabbage Flower” and “An Art Model Contemplates Five Lines by Anne Carson” in Cosmonauts Avenue.

“My father raised me” in Every Writer’s Resource.

“Tranny Cat” an audio-poem was posted by Reading Queer

“War Poem” in Crab Fat

The Sad Truth” “Walnut Ontology” and “A Poem For My Mum Across The Atlantic” in Fish Food Creative Literary and Creative Arts Magazine.  


“Ponds” in Origins

“Notes Towards an Articulation of the Lyric Essay; Bearing Witness To An Ever Changing Landscape” in Tupelo Quarterly 


“Cats” in Burrow Press 

In Print-Poems

“Beyond Gravity” a collection of poems: Loebertas Publishing (2001)

“A Ghazal for Dartmoor” in Crannog

“Lil Bro” in Arsenic Lobster

“Poem” in Saw Palm

“Stand” in Crosswinds

In Print-Creative Nonfiction

“Touchstone” in Fjords Review, Volume 4 Issue 3. (2018)


Just Johnson: A London Delivery by Timothy Schmand, in The Florida Book Review: Fiction.

Forthcoming in fall 2019

“Cabbage Flower” a collection of poems to be published by Dancing Girl Press. 


Winner of the Christopher F. Kelly Award for Poetry, 2017.



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