Working the art gallery, Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach 2013

mr somebody 2


The most addictive drug is silence



A new mono-type print/silkscreen inspired by the documentary, The Beat Hotel, and contour figure drawing sketches. Thank you Lazaro Amaral for staying with me at the Print Shop, keeping me company and printing into the wee hours.


Need to sell some art…

2014-01-14 05.19.38

The world begins with you.

eye wood block

This is a wooden block ‘5 by 7’ with mono print and type written word with a spray paint stencil eye on it.

It reads ‘Look into the allusive ‘I,’ want you to know that i’m a rainbow with you.’ on the outer sides and the middle section reads, ‘The world begins with you. Your soul is the whole world as it focuses on your moment’



Crosshatch Vision Block

crossnet vision wood box

7by5 inch Silkscreen on wooden block. I feel I’ve overused this phrase a bit but my  justification is that it’s important to create, re-create but make, instead of feeding into resistance. Going through a touch of writer’s block at the moment so i’m getting my hands messy with paint in the hope it will inspire me to write!


Vision Box

vision box

Silkscreen prints on a wooden block. Exploring text as pattern and trying to loosen the importance of the word to the artistic effect, experimenting… I haven’t made it to the print room in a while as it’s under renovations so I’m having to use old images and print at home. I throw a tarp down and make my living room/hallway space a working print lab, eyeball estimating space and printing on my knees, hence the wonky alignment in some of them, I call it adding to the ‘artistic flair’ keeping my fingers crossed, never sure how it’s going to turn out until it’s done.

Don’t Make Poetry History

dont make poetry history tile

Inspired by a ‘live aid’ fundraiser slogan, ‘Make Poverty History.’ I stole it and twisted it through my typewriter to create my own catchphrase.  Don’t make poetry history is combination of ‘free-writing’ and monotype print on a 5by6 whiteboard tile.