Me and Jasmine

me and  jazz

This photo was taken on News Year’s Eve 2012-2013 at a bar on Stokes Croft, Bristol, UK. I was home visiting family and friends for my birthday, christmas and new years.

‘Standard’ we were running late and got to the bar just in time to order a glass of Champaign and see the clock chime 12.  I always find it remarkable how fast a year goes by until you stop to think about it, the details of each month, or every other month, re-cap on the turning points, curse yourself for not keeping a journal but praise the fact that you survived another year. Getting older is getting wiser if you’re lucky and can remember your mistakes so you can learn from them, half the battle is remembering. They key is to observe yourself as another person for a moment, to investigate the mystery of life, of your life.

I have spent most of my life with one of my best friends, Jasmine. We knew each other before puberty which means everything. We’ve gone through boys to men (pardon the cliché) and helped each other through city moves, country moves, I remember us dragging my huge suitcase through central London, drinking bloody mary’s on the train up there, sitting on the suitcase in the busy tube station on the verge of defeat and tears, but we did it! ha ha. The highs and lows, the raves, the suns we’ve watched come up and go down again…

Love you Jas, and love Khalil Gibran, ever the prophet, timeless with words that live on. Two of my favorites in one photo…


Surrender your Cherries.

surrender your cherries

Photograph taken by me! At the Bristol Suspension Bridge overlooking the Avon Gorge in Bristol, UK. The head you see belongs to one of my best friends. I hadn’t seen her in years and we walked up to the cliff top to talk and sit on our favorite bench.

The poem was written as a follow up poem, inspired by Beatricia Sagar’s, No Cherry’s as part of a blog thread created by ‘Studio B Poets’. I am one of 14 to be involved in a summer long commitment to posting a poem everyday on our tumblr blog. We were inspired by O’Miami a bi-annual poetry festival that ran for the month of April, it’s mission was to get a poem to everyone throughout Miami Dade. Our mission is a commitment to keeping poetry alive, we will be performing spoken word come October at the Besty Hotel on South Beach, in their fitting, B-Bar.