The Sad Truth

seaside shadowsadtruth

Thank you to Fish Food Magazine for publishing this photo-poem. Check it out.


Tell them how we loved all that was beautiful

 loved all beautiful

“We learn early in life that it is painful to love. Caring about anything is a great joy, but it makes us vulnerable to heartache, and our emotions are nearer the surface. Our feelings are mixed because we want to shout to the world that we love and it makes us feel wonderful. It makes us feel superior, able to cope with things that once got us down. Some part of us wants to hide what we feel so as not to shine too bright or be too enthusiastic. We need a little reserve of self so that we don’t deplete the part of us that generates life in us. But for whatever pain that may go along with caring – we would not give it up for anything.” – ‘American Indian’

Egg timer in the walls

I love

our mice infested studio,

and our overfilled ashtrays,

and the smell of roasting pumpkin.

I love

your musk on the sheets

and your big flat feet.

I love

our love

and backgammon games at 5am, midnight feasts, love in the dark, body warm sheets that we make dirty, premature mornings and our cardboard curtain.

I miss everything although,          I  am  in  it.

The egg timer echoes through these walls.

I must go and risk or

stay and regret or

go and regret or

stay and risk regret.

I love you

and our broken doorbell

but I hear the sea horn and must set sail.

but you make it tricky, tender my love.

Life is Sometimes Sad but it’s Always Beautiful

I am sitting in the gold-fish bowl like gallery, people ricochet through the doors, humanoid platelets making up the blood of a body then space expands with silence and all is still again.

This phrase: ‘Life is sometimes sad but it’s always beautiful’ came to mind – I thought of Marilyn Monroe. I opened photoshop and began to make use of my idle finger tips.


Bridge the Gap

the next breath

The Next Breath

all those times i thought i died
the ocean stroked faithful the tide

babies born and hearts beat on
i cradled your ghost for so long

i looked to other men to sing your
kept running instead of still it hurts
to see
i fear the spirit alive in me

i didn’t want to be ok
for fear the love would go away

i tumble through two arms untrue
i left with tears, with finger marks scared
black and blue

i lost myself to grief,
thinking in tears
I would find relief

time to face the mirror
let go
question marks like helium balloons
up to
the clouds

all that matters is that my heart
is still alive in my chest
my lungs rise to
the next breath

The first time your love tapped my shoulder

I loved you that January night, or

was it that I didn’t want

to fight the cold outside, your skin

so warm, so ripe.

travel languid sheets, spread our

skin smudged mornings.

the sun makes orange juice walls,

we sizzle, syrup sweet.

sky rotates clouds of birds,

I stay here tied to your words.