San Jose, Costa Rica.


Baby Romanesco


I say inspire me baby, and you did.

Inside youthful lemon, lime rotund flesh sees

Fruity love so I bring you art to taste

Universal seeds from a family of


Voids that expand, ripen

to sprout and bloom.

Organic orgasmic,

roots and tides

Quenched under moonlit

pathways to grow

Smug night emerald:

verdant breath

by leaf with bronchial veins.

Spiral of conch, star formation and Fibonacci mathematical theories

Patterns to follow to ancient astrology, sacred geometry,

Divisions that are a part of a


“In this is infinity” you say.

I nod and admire the spiral.

Wonder about the arrow of time.

Trouble breeds with territory and consistency but

The cauliflower will never wager war because we’ll eat it first,

Take a leaf out of your sprout.

Soul Quote


Rear View Mirror

“Did you never hear of the woman who looked back and turned into a pillar of salt?” my mother said from across the kitchen table cupping a steaming mug.

“No” I splurge a reply, inquisitive and slightly agitated. Mother fails to recognize and without a gap for air continues …

“I think it was in Greek Mythology. A woman was banished from a city. She was told never look back, sure enough she did and turned into a pillar of salt.”


This scene of a memory and the woman reduced to mineral waves back to me as I sit in a car without air conditioning, gazing around downtown Miami, slowing cooking into the late morning and waiting for a return.